A word study is a way of studying Scripture in which you look up the occurrences of a word or phrase where it appears in the Bible.  I tackled the word "remember."  It appears LOTS of times in Scripture.  I didn't read each one, and I especially didn't read each one in its full context.  It was not an exhaustive word study, but some common themes emerged.  I wrote a poem about it:

You remember
       your promises,
       your faithful servants,
       us, your people,
       our sins no more.

We remember
       Your words;
       your commands.
       Your faithfulness,
       our faithlessness.
       Salvation from chains,
       guidance through the wilderness.
       The ones who came before,
       preparing our ways.
       You created us
       Your works;
       your worth.

       grounds us,
       grows us;
       gives us hope,
       grants us wisdom;
       guides us ever back to you.

I paired this with a remembrance of Jesus through Communion.  I also paired it with some William Wordsworth; I'll post the excerpt later.  The Scripture study, the composition of this poem, the celebration of a Christian worship ritual, and the reading of classic poetry--it's a mosaic of who I am.


  1. I LOVED it this morning, Angie. Thank you for your continuous creativity paired with honest and exceptional devotionals. Taking Communion was especially poignant as I sometimes miss that from my old church. :)

  2. Today was one of the most powerful times we've had together as a staff. Thank you for your words and the space to experience them.

    This is an incredible poem, also. Exquisite.

  3. It was one of the most effective and powerful devotional times I can remember. You are always very good at this, but this was exceptional. Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your spiritual life and into our team!

  4. Thank you Angie for the inspiration and sharing of your creativity. I consider it a privilege and honor to serve with you!


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