More Nails

Hammering more nails, but thankfully not with the flushed face this time, just with a desire to be thankful:

11.       For pasta.  Haven’t met one I didn’t like.
12.       For opportunities to fall asleep on the couch.
13.       For TV shows that make this uptight girl laugh, like “Modern Family.”
14.       For high school students who willingly spend 90 minutes a week with me.
15.       For a natural gift for writing discussion questions that help me learn about students and help them learn about themselves.
16.       For drowsy, morning cuddles with any of my three family members.
17.       That I look like my mom…more and more the older I get.
18.       For my fingernails; yes, I’m vain; see former posts.
19.       That I took “Keyboarding” in high school.
20.      For a little boy who says, “Don’t take a shower!  Cuddle with me for a long time!”
21.      That my son is able to speak.


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