Grateful for a Gift

I’m really trying to put that advice to write down my thoughts into action—two blog posts in an hour.
As I was leaving church one Sunday this summer, I received a gift bag.  I had no idea what it was for.  I opened it to find a worn and clearly used devotional for moms.  Inside was a thoughtful, hand-written, two-page note.  It was from a mom whom I’ve known for years—as a mom.  I’ve gotten to see her when motherhood has been its hardest, and I’ve gotten to see her experience the pride and joy that come with motherhood, too.  I was touched to tears as I read her note, and today, I’m trying to dwell on some of her words instead of the pessimistic inner dialogue of which I just wrote.
This woman, whom I’ve prayed with in some very difficult situations, has committed herself to praying for me.  I can find rest in that.  She has passed along to me a devotional book that has been her favorite.   I can feel honored by that.   My willingness to be vulnerable prompted her loving care of me with a gift and a note and some prayers.  That encourages me to continue with a vulnerability that I sometimes find painfully difficult, but hopefully healthy.
Almost every time I’ve interacted with this woman over the last three years, she’s reminded me to enjoy every second of these early years with my kids.  She reminds me that I will not be able to get these years back and that they are gifts, even when they’re challenging.  She reminds me that I can have a clean house when my kids are grown and out of it, but that it’s not important now.  She reminds me that my family is an important priority, not something to be handled so that I can go do important ministry elsewhere.
I am thankful for her and her ministry to me, even though she’d probably never call it that.


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