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I know pride is a sin, but I really hope that being proud of someone isn’t.Several times in the last month, I’ve reflected on some of the younger-than-me adults of whom I’m immensely proud.It comes with the territory of doing my job.Sometimes I get so frustrated with teenagers that I want to shake them, or put them in a padded room…or maybe I’m the one who needs the padded room?!Other times, I am so proud of them that I’m crying.I feel guilty about this.It’s God who has worked in them, not me.He should be proud of them; that’s not my place.I’m not their mom; their moms deserve to be proud of them.But, I am their youth pastor, and I cannot help but be proud of them, too. The first former youth I’m proud of is Hunter Frame.I should say, “Dr. Hunter Frame, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech.”Last Thursday morning I heard Hunter present an overview of his doctoral research to his review board and a scattering of friends and family members.That’s the unique thing about my pride for this …

State of Our Union

Monday we celebrated our anniversary. Us in 1999 I got three gifts from my husband.The first two were an amazing, supportive, expensive, pillow, and a novel.What he really got me were rest and relaxation.He knows me well. The third gift was one I asked for.I haven’t figured out many things regarding marriage, but this one I’ve learned:If you want something, then ask for it.It is not fair to expect mind-reading.So, I asked for a love letter.We wrote profusely when we were dating, especially in high school and when we were apart during college.But it’s been a while since I’d received a love letter.I was feeling a bit insecure in our relationship.So, I told him how I was feeling and asked for what I wanted. And he delivered!On my pillow the evening of our anniversary, after he’d come home late, was my love letter.It is beautiful, and it is encouraging, and it makes me feel loved. On our anniversary, after our $1 taco lunch, we had a state of our union talk.Honestly, it wasn’t much fun.Frank…

Birthday/Anniversary/Burn-Out Prevention Trip

Saturday and Sunday my husband and I got to take a trip!He’s usually the vacation planner, and he’s great at it.He saves a bit at a time, so he can splurge on vacation.He researches options, but doesn’t plan strict itineraries.He’s also the one who thinks big in our home, and I’m the one who thinks details.For example, he sets us up to save money for our kids’ college; I save us 35% at the grocery store.But this time, it was my turn to plan the vacation and to try to think big. He seemed pretty impressed with the “big”ness of our trip.Here’s our hotel:
The hotel, the Gaylord National, sits on the Potomac River in Maryland.We could see the Washington Monument and the Capitol from the windows.Thanks to Groupon, we stayed in an executive suite that was over half the size of our house. I managed to stay awake for most of road trip, which is quite an accomplishment.I’m a girl who gets carsick and who has spent an inordinate amount of time on the 400 miles of road between my divorced parents’ …


I thought it was time to reflect upon some of the things I’ve written here over the past few months, and to see where I am now. 1)I’ve given up on cooking meals for my family on a regular basis.I miss it!I really miss it!But, I don’t miss a one-year-old wrapped around my legs screaming for 30 minutes while dinner is prepared.I miss the feel of eating freshly-cooked food versus processed, but I’m dealing with it.This season will pass.Lily will get better at playing on her own.And then I will cook again. 2)We found the money to get my hair cut—by someone other than meJAND, I saved up some money and got my hair highlighted.I love it, and I consider it money well spent! 3)I still prefer to look decent most of the time I’m in public.But, I have made huge strides in going sans make-up. 4)I’m trying to relax some and be less anxious.This will be the story of my life.My family history indicates a few disturbing trends.The first is significant heart problems that often lead to early deaths.The se…

Clean conscience

When I reflect back on my time in high school, one feeling emerges--exhaustion. As an AP and honor student, cheerleader, dancer, student leader, community volunteer, church volunteer, and girlfriend, I was always on the go. I was always exhausted. I loved it, and I hated it. It's a pace of life I've since tried to avoid.

In addition to the crazy schedule, I was also not sleeping much. Most nights I tossed and turned in bed for hours listening to Q94 playing softly on the radio. The sleeplessness was usually the result of a guilty conscience. I was living a somewhat secretive, somewhat rebellious life at times, and it always caught up to me in the stillness and quiet of my room at night.

Those days are long gone, and I'm thrilled to say it has been years since a guilty conscience kept me awake. Here's why:
'the blood of Christ, who through eternal spirit offered himself unblemished to God, (will) cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may…