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Lost Message in a Bottle

I've always been bad about not proofing my, I just noticed that message in a bottle #2 didn't show up in the post.  And the formatting was off in message #1.  Sorry about that.  Here's #2:

Love trusts that I’m your biggest fan. that I’ve got your back. that I’m yours. Love trusts that I’ll tell you the truth even when I don’t want to even when it hurts you even when it humiliates me. Love trusts that I meant those vows on that perfect day when I was 23, that I mean those vows on this ordinary day when I’m 30, that I will mean those vows every day for the rest of our lives.

More Messages in a Bottle

Love hopes that being 56 will be as good as 16. that the stormy seasons will pass and the stifling, humid ones and the frigid, silent ones, too. that our relationship will adapt as you change as I change as our kids grow up as our parents grow old. that we’ll see more of the world together. that we’ll see more of God together. that we’ll see more of our Creator in one another. that we’ll be better when we’re older.
Love perseveres when coming home is hard. when giving up seems easy. when sleeping single sounds serene. Love perseveres when we’re not “us.” when I’m nothing like the girl you fell for or the one you married or the one you dated last week. We persevered when families interfered.

Messages in a Bottle

When I leave on mission trips, I am keenly aware of how much harder I'm making things on my family.  I'm no supermom or superwife, but I do function within our family in ways that matter.  I try to do more middle of the night, bathtime, and bedtime duty before I leave.  I try to come home and pitch in more than my fair share, even though I'm exhausted from a week of little sleep, because my husband is also exhausted from a week of little sleep.

I leave gifts.  This year, my son got a small gift each day--think dollar bins at Target.  My daughter got some small gifts and the video I mentioned in a previous post.

This year, my husband received four messages in a bottle.  He's a words of affirmation guy, and there are boxes at our house full of affirming and loving words I've written him over the last 15 years.  But, I wanted to try something different.  So, I wrote poems.  I wrote poems to a guy who doesn't always like my poems, and I wrote my first ever love poe…

Mission Trip--My Experience

The teenagers and I walked back to the carport.They got back on the roof, shaken up and disturbed.I sat at the bottom of the ladder an absolute wreck. How does someone leave kids—kids the ages of MY kids—at home, alone?!Who even thinks that’s an option?!I know how challenging, frustrating, and exasperating it can be.I also know that leaving them to fend for themselves is not an option—ever, under any circumstances. While I stood at the bottom of that ladder, my heart breaking , I received a text message from my husband.My 18-month-old little girl was giddy over the video she was watching.Before I had left town, I had filmed myself reading her favorite books and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus.My baby girl was watching the video in the safety of her daddy’s lap in our comfortable home, and saying, “Again!Again!” with a smile on her face. Hearing that my kids were happy and safe in that moment was just perfect.Realizing that the kids I’d just met didn’t have a daddy to hold…

Mission Trip--The Story

A week ago today, most of my job crew on the mission trip was finishing the roof of the carport we built.So that as many teenagers could get on the roof as possible, I took myself off the roof.I hung out at the top of the ladder, relaying messages, water bottles, tape measures, and chalk lines.Through the repeated hits of seven hammers, I could hear moaning or wailing.I looked around, unable to identify the sound’s origin.I kept hearing it.Finally, I spotted her. At the housing project diagonally across the street, she stood on the front stoop crying.She was small, preschool age, and I know from lots of personal experience that crying and preschoolers often go together.I watched, waiting for a mom or childcare giver to appear.I kept watching.I thought maybe the mom had put the daughter on the front stoop as a timeout of sorts. Then the teenagers on the roof noticed the crying between their hammer whacks.“Angie, can we go over there?You said on Tuesday we should play with the kids in the…