Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Messages in a Bottle

Love hopes
                that being 56 will be as good as 16.
                that the stormy seasons will pass
                                and the stifling, humid ones
                                and the frigid, silent ones, too.
                that our relationship will adapt
                                as you change
                                as I change
                                as our kids grow up
                                as our parents grow old.
                that we’ll see more of the world together.
                that we’ll see more of God together.
                that we’ll see more of our Creator in one another.
                that we’ll be better when we’re older.

The messages
Love perseveres
                when coming home is hard.
                when giving up seems easy.
                when sleeping single sounds serene.
Love perseveres
                when we’re not “us.”
                when I’m nothing like the girl you fell for
                        or the one you married
or the one you dated last week.
We persevered
                when families interfered.
                when miles separated us.
                when God changed us.
                when we were broke.
                when I was broken.
                when we dreamed different dreams.

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