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As promised, here's a follow-up to yesterday's sermon.

Start the mentoring relationship.   First, see if God’s pointing you toward a specific person, like he pointed Elijah to Elisha.  I call these “divine appointments.”  Sometimes you just sense a pull toward someone, and you’re not sure why.  Try it out; see if there’s a connection.  But, even if there is a connection, be prepared for some awkwardness at first.  When two people are feeling each other out, deciding if they can trust one another, there can be some awkwardness.  Give the relationship a chance to get through the awkward phase.
Be willing to share who you really are.  Whether you’re the mentor or the mentee, this is critical.  Often, when God puts two people together, it’s because they have something in common.  It could be a sin they both struggle with.  It could be a similar childhood or life situation.  Determining that common ground is essential and will bind the relationship, but is only possible if you’re bot…

Mission Trip Reflections, continued

So what DID I do?

I’m still wrestling with this. 

Part of it is recognizing that I wasn’t needed on this trip.  That’s not a brand new idea, nor is it one that has me depressed and insecure.  Last year Erik led a Puerto Rico trip that I was not part of.  A couple years ago, Mandy James and Matt Towler led a Macedonia trip that I was not part of.  Our students have had some amazing mission experiences completely apart from my leadership or service.  I’m thrilled about that.

I think the wrestling on this part comes with a hunch that while I wasn’t needed on this trip, I was probably needed at home.  Now, my husband is more than capable of holding down the fort and parenting our kids.  My mom is more capable than I am of taking care of my kids as she did during the weekdays and overnight one evening I was away.

But, my presence at home would have been helpful, I think.  The world didn’t stop or crash while I was away, but I was missed.

The other part I’m wrestling with is how different the ex…

Mission Trip Reflections

On this year’s mission trip, and since, I’ve struggled with what exactly I did.  Because, I didn’t do much.  Don’t get me wrong, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the work Erik Edwards does in leading and planning our annual mission trip.  He does it with excellence, patience, grace, integrity, selflessness, and a persistent focus on reaching students and guiding them in their faith journeys.  He does it all for free.   He does it all much better than I ever did or could.  He’ll start working soon to identify next year’s trip.
Tanner Iglio led our nightly PCC time after the worship service for all 470 participants.  He did a great job writing nightly devotions, sharing brief words from his own spiritual journey, and coordinating a brief, yet effective, time of worship through music.
Aimee Krueger emerged as the pastor I’ve seen within her.  Because of her role in leading our junior high students the past few years, she personally knew more of the PCC students than any of the other adults…

My Cry Night

"Cry Night" is infamous.  It's the night of our annual mission trip when we have a different kind of worship service.  The band plays and sings out of sight, behind a curtain.  The screen displays names of God, Scripture, and words to songs.  There is no sermon.  There is no humor.  There are no videos.  There are some directions to pray, alone or in small groups.  
This worship experience evokes strong emotion, often inexplicably.  I wonder each year what it is that affects students.  Is it the stillness and quiet that differs so starkly from their loud, busy lives?  Is it the opportunity to focus on God and themselves in an environment with fewer distractions?  Is it the Holy Spirit?  Is it manipulation?  Is it a combination of the above?  
I don't know.  
This year I had a moving experience on Cry Night.  I didn't cry (...not until Tanner's honest, vulnerable, and emotional message during PCC devotion time).
The service opened with "I Have Decided to Foll…

Watching and Remembering

I wrote this last week on the mission trip...
Tonight I watched our mission team worship God.  I watched them react and respond to God's presence.  It's the moment each year when I am overwhelmingly grateful for what I get to do with my life. 

As I watch students raise hands in the air for the very first time, lifting the cross, lifting it high, I am grateful.  I get to see that moment.  I get access to that intimate interaction between Father and child.  And it gets even better than that.  I get to watch a daughter raise her hands to her heavenly Father, and I get to watch her earthly father as he sees that moment, too.  I get to see mother and son, best friend and best friend, wrap one arm around each other while their other arms are lifted in surrender.  I get to watch young men and women pursue God while they pursue a relationship with one another.
As I transition to new roles in ministry, I am trying to figure out exactly what roles I fill.  One of the things I seem to be is…