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Sacrifices of Motherhood

Motherhood requires sacrifice. As I play the very unhealthy, yet seemingly inevitable, game of mom-comparison I find that different moms sacrifice different parts of themselves and their lives pre-kids. Here’s my list. I will sacrifice reading.I love to read.I have a degree in English—that required LOTS of reading.My roommate used to say if she read as much as I do, then her eyeballs would fall out and roll down the hallway.That never happened, but for a few years of my life, I dedicated a significant percentage of my time to reading.I will read again when my kids are older. I will sacrifice a neat home.If I hear you complain about how someone’s home is dirty or untidy, then you will never be invited to my home.I have two kids age 3 and under.I know a mom of four who keeps a spotless home.I envy her, but I will not strive to be her.I will live in clutter, knowing the day will come when I miss seeing Thomas trains and Eric Carle books scattered around my home. I will sacrifice peer friendsh…