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Breaking Chains

At church this week, my friend, Lindsay, did an AMAZING job leading us in worship on a song, “Break Every Chain.”  I was proud of her and proud that she’s my friend.  She sang the song from deep within her, claiming the words as her own.  I’m still impacted by that moment. 
Sunday I co-hosted our morning services with another friend, Karen.  Over the last several months, maybe longer, I’ve been talking with her and a long-time friend and partner in student ministry, Aimee, about how God has been moving in their lives and leading them.  The fact that God has been working in them is clear.  We have prayed and talked and prayed and talked, trying to discern exactly where and how God has been leading them. A couple weeks ago, we finally came to a decision:Over the next 6 months or so, I’ll share more and more of the leadership of the Student Coordinator at the Powhatan Campus with Karen and Aimee.I’ll still be heavily involved during that time, and in about 6 months, we’ll re-evaluate how m…