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Who Protested Today?

Today thousands of students in our country protested.  

There’s backlash about the fact THAT they protested, HOW they protested, WHEN they protested, WHERE they protested.  There’s disagreement about WHAT they protested.

I’d like to focus on WHO protested.

Who protested today?

Primarily middle and high school students.  I know a bit about them.  It’s a demographic I happen to love, which certainly biases my opinion, but also informs it.  Today I’ve read comments that these students couldn’t possibly understand what they were doing.  Surely they were just going along with the crowd.

Let’s pause and acknowledge that they are protesting because none of us understands what’s happening.  School shootings continue to take the lives of our elementary, middle, high school, and college students. That’s beyond our realm of understanding, and if we don’t understand, then how can we expect our kids to?  Is that a realistic expectation?

Did some students just go along with the walk out today, because ot…

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