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Who I Am

I need a test to take.A research paper to write would be even better. I can take tests.I can write papers.I can write papers REALLY well.I’ll come up with a topic, spend hours in the library gathering resources, and spend weeks reading resources to collect notes.Then, I’ll synthesize and analyze my notes to create a thesis.It will be something new, original, that hasn’t been written before.I’ll create a new argument and support it with perfectly cited sources—many of them, from credible, recent, and varied sources.Then, I’ll get an A.I’ll relish my A and bask in the satisfaction of accomplishment. I miss being in school.This is how my school years or semesters went:Sign-up for hard classes and too many of them.Go to the first round of classes, see the syllabi, and freak out at what I must accomplish in the coming months.Tackle the workload with determination.Periodically break down emotionally.Push through.Sacrifice. Complete the term.Get a 4.0.Get additional awards.Relax for a few mont…

To Be On Mission...And To Be Home

Right now, my church has about 40 people serving on international mission trips.Some are in Macedonia in Central Europe doing ministry to a marginalized people group, the Roma.Others are in Belize doing construction of a youth center with our partner church.I’ve been to both places; I think I’m only one of two people at our church to do so.In both places, God broke my heart for his people and broadened my perspective of who “his people” are. I’ve been home from a stateside mission trip for a week.It was a standard home repair mission trip for teens. I struggle. I closely follow the Macedonia team on Facebook and their blog.In part this is because it’s a student ministry trip, and I oversee that.In part this is because my twin sister is on the trip.But it’s also because I just love international mission trips…now. I didn’t love my first international mission trip.Egypt.Summer.Long sleeves, long skirts, glasses instead of contacts because of the sand, heat that melts film in cameras (yes, t…