I thought it was time to reflect upon some of the things I’ve written here over the past few months, and to see where I am now.
1)       I’ve given up on cooking meals for my family on a regular basis.  I miss it!  I really miss it!  But, I don’t miss a one-year-old wrapped around my legs screaming for 30 minutes while dinner is prepared.  I miss the feel of eating freshly-cooked food versus processed, but I’m dealing with it.  This season will pass.  Lily will get better at playing on her own.  And then I will cook again.
2)      We found the money to get my hair cut—by someone other than meJ  AND, I saved up some money and got my hair highlighted.  I love it, and I consider it money well spent!
3)      I still prefer to look decent most of the time I’m in public.  But, I have made huge strides in going sans make-up.
4)      I’m trying to relax some and be less anxious.  This will be the story of my life.  My family history indicates a few disturbing trends.  The first is significant heart problems that often lead to early deaths.  The second is that divorce and re-marriage and unhappy marriages abound.  The third is that worry and anxiety are in my genes.  But, I’m trying to let go, to put down my phone, and to be present, like this:

5)      We’re out of debt (mortgage excepted) again!  That means we joined the YMCA a couple days ago; Happy Anniversary to us for paying off our debt.  I did 2.35 miles and 100 crunches, what used to be my quick workout, in under 30 minutes, and it felt great!


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