"I am"

Time for more poetry:)  The second half comes from Scripture.

"I Am"

I am not what I do,
                how much I do,
                or how well I do it.          
I am not how pretty I am,
                how old I am,
                or how fit I am.
I am not my IQ,
                my kids,
                my home,
                my salary,
                or my education.
I am not my failures or successes,
                my weaknesses or strengths,
                my regrets or dreams.  

I am a child of God,
                created by Him,
                in His image,
                to do His good works.
I am a sinner
                made into a new creation,
                free and forgiven,
                if I confess and turn away.
I am part of the body of Christ,
                and my body is His temple,
His dwelling place,
where He is revered.
I am salt,
                sustaining the fragile,
                giving life to the lifeless.
I am light,
                showing others the goodness of God,
                that they may praise Him.
I am loved
                despite life and death,
                good and evil,
                present and future,
                mountains and canyons,
                power and weakness;
I am loved.


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