Yes, more nails...

Not feeling particularly discontent or thankful today, but I have much to be thankful for.  So, it's time to be disciplined and thoughtful and thankful:

33.  That I sometimes get to eat out for lunch, and I remember teachers who never get to do that.
34.  That days and weeks do end.
35.   For sleep.
36.   For novels that take me to other places, inside other heads, and feeling with others’ hearts.
37.   For opportunities to “hear” some friends through their blogs.
38.   For leftovers, because they mean more time with my kids.
39.   For pillow talk with Tristan.
40.   For my passion for teenagers.
41.   That God gives others passion for babies, preschoolers, and kids.
42.   For the sense of security having a cell phone provides.


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