...More Nails...

22.      That I live a mile from church.
23.       That I get to see my sister every Sunday.
24.       That Daniel Hughes makes hours 3 & 4 at church fun for my son.
25.       For people who will walk with my baby girl when I think my back will break.
26.       For a husband who responds with grace when a long-overdue date night is interrupted and ruined by work.
27.       For baby “kisses”—loving, violent attempts to bite my face Hannibal-style.
28.       For opportunities to listen to people and to hear their pain.
29.       For a church that says it supports women in ministry—and actually does.
30.       For take-out at home with family
31.      That family will come eat with me, when I’m disheveled, ugly, and cranky.
32.       For a Nana who does laundry—my laundry.  No, I'm not sharing.


  1. I am enjoying your list, Angie. Helps me recognize that I have one, too, and what is one it. thanks for doing this and sharing it with us. You're leading with a good example.


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