Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Take it Back

Yesterday I wrote about how I was asking God to hold me.  At the time, I felt pretty selfish.
Now I feel downright awful.
The last two nights I’ve been captivated by a special on PBS based on a book “Half the Sky.”  I’m ordering the book.  I’m checking out the website.  This movement addresses the world issues that wreck me most—human trafficking, forced prostitution, and physical and sexual abuse.  There are lots of world issues that I care about—the HIV/AIDS epidemic, starvation, lack of clean water, homelessness and street kids.  But the issues of trafficking, forced prostitution, and abuse destroy me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—yet the destruction I feel is nothing, nothing compared to the destruction of countless lives in forgotten corners of our world.
Here are some clips from the program:
I sat on my sofa and cried last night.  I tossed in my bed, haunted by my own blog post from yesterday, and I prayed a new prayer:
God, gather these girls in your arms.  Hold them.  Keep them safe tonight.  Impress upon their hearts and minds that they are loved and worthy.  Carry them close to your heart.  Lead them out of their circumstances.  Use your power and your size to protect, strengthen, and provide for those who are working to bring salvation to these girls.  You, who can “reduce the rulers of this world to nothing” (Isaiah 40:23), break through the cultural, political, and economic barriers that oppress these girls.  Show me what I can do to help.  Forgive me for selfish thinking and writing.  Amen.

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