Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hugging a Grasshopper

Isaiah 40 says a lot about the hugeness of God.  Nothing can compare to him (though we all make comparisons, don’t we?).  From God’s perspective, we “people are like grasshoppers.” (Isaiah 40:22)  I’ve been called a lot of things; grasshopper is a first, and it’s not very affirming.  From God’s throne, I look like a grasshopper.  Thanks, God.
God can hold the waters of the earth in his hand, can hold the dust of the earth in a basket, can weigh the mountains on a scale and the hills on a balance (Isaiah 40:12).
And it is that huge, powerful God who…
                …tends his flock like a shepherd:
                He gathers the lambs in his arms
                and carries them close to his heart;
                he gently leads those that have young. (Isaiah 40:11)

Days like today, I am overwhelmingly thankful that that God, the one to whom I appear as a grasshopper, is also willing to carry me in his arms, close to his heart. 

I gather my baby girl in my arms and carry her close to my heart.  Usually, I do so after she stands at my feet, arms outstretched, saying, “Hold you.”

Today, I’m standing at the feet of a huge, powerful God who “sits enthroned above the circle of the earth,” with my little grasshopper arms outstretched, saying, “Hold you.”

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