West Virginia day 2

The work began this morning, and it was chilly, and I was not complaining! Our pcc students and adults overwhelmingly had great days. As always, some are a bit bored painting or sitting when there is not enough labor to go around. We are spoiled by our church services each week, and this reminds us of just how blessed we are. We are trying not to let these issues be distractions. You can pray for that with us.
I'm on a crew with Ryan king and savannah ford from our church. They both got to try out a drill today. Craig, Franco, maia, and Brittany are working on the same street. I walked by today and said hi to the guys as they were installing a window. Franco thought I was Mandy--seriously. Personally, I did some demolition, threw the trash in a dumpster a foot taller than me, sat on my butt, held four by four posts, and did the pythagorean theorem--a lot. I hope my husband is proud of my freshmen math.


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