West Virginia day 1

We're here! We had a thankfully uneventful trip. We have spent the evening preparing logistically and spiritually for our week. We think we are sleepy...just wait a few days:) Our speaker is good this year--still different from our usual--but entertaining and engaging. Oh, and there is a manned security booth to enter or leave the high school property. With a gate. And I cannot figure out how to add photos from my iPad to the blog:(


  1. Angie,

    So glad you guys made it safely. It's kind of neat to have our church spread out in so many places at once, being used by God in different, but equally potent ways.

    If you have get the blogsy app, it's the best way to blog from your iPad. I've been learning a lot about it and using it more and more - a very effective tool that will add photos and a whole lot more!

    Looking forward to hearing about your awesome week!


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