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Belief and Blessing

Blessing--It’s a prayer spoken before a meal.In our house, it’s a song.For many, it’s a formality only practiced at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Blessings--We’re told to count them.
Bless--We ask God to bless our nation.And here in the South we say, “Bless his heart.”That’s not a remark of sympathy.It’s similar to, “God, love ‘em.”Both comments appear to have religious, caring messages; I assure you; they do not.
Blessed--We’re told to “Have a blessed day!”That’s a nice sentiment; I’m not sure what it means.
We use some form of bless/blessing/blessings/blessed in our regular conversation.  But the Bible has a lot to say about what is BLESSED that goes far beyond our family meals, even our country.
The Christmas story in Luke is a story of blessing.  The chief recipient of blessing is Mary, who is deemed blessed, because she has been chosen to carry the Son of God (Luke 1:42), and because she believes.
Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished. Lu…


Believe.  It’s the mantra of the season—from the Elf on the Shelf video (that my kids have already seen at least 10 times since Thanksgiving) to the silver jingle bell in Polar Express.  It’s a word that lights up the side of Macy’s in New York.  I’ve seen it; it’s as breathtaking as it looks.

Believe.  Believe in an elf that flies from your home to the North Pole and back every night to report your behavior to Santa, determining your place on the Naughty or Nice lists.  Believe in an elf that lands in another, new, entertaining position every morning.  (I know the elves freak out some people, but Elfie has already curbed the behavior of my 4-year-old in remarkable ways his first two days back at our house, so I’m a believer!)  Actually, Elfie’s overnight adventures are a fun creative outlet for this mom of two.
Believe in a Santa who picks up children from their homes, without parental knowledge or consent, and transports them on a train, again—without permission slips or insurance inf…