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Mother's Day

My family thoroughly spoiled me for Mother's Day this year!  My mom gave me chocolates (that a few young men tried to steal from me...AT CHURCH...ON MOTHER'S DAY!!).  My sister gave me a beautiful shirt and card.  My dad mailed me a thoughtful card and a Starbucks gift card.  They are speaking my language.
My husband took the kids on Saturday and went shopping for me.  They filled the bed of his pickup with flowers for me to plant.  While they shopped, I got some things done around the house that had been hovering in my mind, so that I could then go shopping guilt free.  My husband didn't have much money to give me, but he gave me a wonderful gift of lots of time, and I had some gift cards tucked away since Christmas.
So, I got to shop, knowing that dishes and laundry had been done.  I didn't feel pressure to rush home, and that's a pressure I've felt every time I've shopped in the last six years.  I've learned to shop quickly, to make decisions quickly, …