Mother's Day

My family thoroughly spoiled me for Mother's Day this year!  My mom gave me chocolates (that a few young men tried to steal from me...AT CHURCH...ON MOTHER'S DAY!!).  My sister gave me a beautiful shirt and card.  My dad mailed me a thoughtful card and a Starbucks gift card.  They are speaking my language.

My husband took the kids on Saturday and went shopping for me.  They filled the bed of his pickup with flowers for me to plant.  While they shopped, I got some things done around the house that had been hovering in my mind, so that I could then go shopping guilt free.  My husband didn't have much money to give me, but he gave me a wonderful gift of lots of time, and I had some gift cards tucked away since Christmas.

So, I got to shop, knowing that dishes and laundry had been done.  I didn't feel pressure to rush home, and that's a pressure I've felt every time I've shopped in the last six years.  I've learned to shop quickly, to make decisions quickly, and to buy only things I really like, because there's no way I'll have an opportunity to return a purchase.

It was wonderful.  

My family is wonderful.

The time was great.  The gifts were great.  The words were mostly great:)  My daughter picked Mother's Day to shout an, "I don't like you!" in my direction.  But she was still feeling bad then, so there was lots of grace.  (She's all better now, and her personality is back to being as strong and varied as always:)  However, if that's what she's like at 3, we can all imagine what's headed our way at 13!)  

Seriously, she showered me in hugs and kisses according to her love language.  She also grabbed my face between her tiny hands and said, "That's one pretty mommy; you're so beautiful and so sweet.  I love you, love you, love you!"  That successfully counteracted the earlier exclamation.

My boy brought home gifts he made at school.  A framed pic of him now sits in my office.  He's holding a sign that says, "I love you because you do nice things for me."  He also completed the following sentences.  If these are all true, then he loves me a whole lot!

Dear Mom,

I love you more than dinosaurs.
I love you more than superheroes.
I love you more than alligators.
I love you more than pizza.
I love you more than Plants vs. Zombies.
I love you more than the movie Avengers.
I love you more than Spider Man 3.



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