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7 Things

Continuing the Facebook trend...

I've been given the number 7.  Seven interesting and/or random things about me...
(This was really hard for me, because I talk about myself a lot, and I have no poker face, so if you know me, you pretty much know me.)

1.  I was born 8 weeks early weighing 3.5 pounds.  I dropped to below 3 pounds.  My incubator had to be tilted so that I could not dig in my heels to get leverage for my long, skinny fingers to wrap about my tubes and pull them out.  A nurse also knitted tiny drawstring mittens to help with this issue.

2.  I have a minor in history.  That doesn't really count for anything or mean anything, except that I find history interesting.  Also, I forget it as soon as I "learn" it.

3.  This small town girl has been to a few of the world's biggest cities including Paris, Cairo, and NYC.  Cairo was uncomfortable; I'd go to the other two every year, or do extended vacations there, if I could.

4.  I've held the bars to Nelson Ma…

Confessions of a Bad Mom

I don’t understand girls, and yes, I am one.
We girls write, read, like, and share blog posts that largely say the same things:
We women need to cut ourselves some slack.   (If we’re feeling spiritual, then we put it in spiritual language) :   We need to extend ourselves come grace. The Supermom, Pinterest-mom, perfect mom idea is false. We can’t do it all.  We do the best we can and get up the next day and do it again.
And yet, we are the ones who perpetuate the supermom complex.
We stand around at birthday parties trying to one-up each other.  We hover at dance class or ball games making stabs at each other over decisions like whether to give our kids raw milk, whole pasteurized milk, skim pasteurized milk, almond milk, soy milk, or hemp milk. 
We really do need to cut ourselves some slack, and we really need to cut each other some slack.
We also need to be responsible moms.  It’s a fine line to tip-toe across.  On one hand, none of us can do it all.  On the other hand, there are some thing…