7 Things

Continuing the Facebook trend...

I've been given the number 7.  Seven interesting and/or random things about me...
(This was really hard for me, because I talk about myself a lot, and I have no poker face, so if you know me, you pretty much know me.)

1.  I was born 8 weeks early weighing 3.5 pounds.  I dropped to below 3 pounds.  My incubator had to be tilted so that I could not dig in my heels to get leverage for my long, skinny fingers to wrap about my tubes and pull them out.  A nurse also knitted tiny drawstring mittens to help with this issue.

2.  I have a minor in history.  That doesn't really count for anything or mean anything, except that I find history interesting.  Also, I forget it as soon as I "learn" it.

3.  This small town girl has been to a few of the world's biggest cities including Paris, Cairo, and NYC.  Cairo was uncomfortable; I'd go to the other two every year, or do extended vacations there, if I could.

4.  I've held the bars to Nelson Mandela's cell, stood where JFK was shot, visited Napoleon's tomb, and remembered soldiers at the American Cemetery in Normandy.

5.  I stink at swallowing pills.  Really, I'm like a child, gagging and taking multiple tries to swallow the tiniest of pills.

6.  I've received one "C" as a grade--in grade school, undergrad, and grad school.  It was in Handwriting in second grade.  My handwriting grades went up when we started cursive.  Exhibit A:  
Have I ever mentioned I'm competitive?!

7.  Everybody knows I have an English degree, and I'll make two notes about that:
a.  That doesn't mean I'm great at grammar.  I do two things most every one in my culture does--I read, and I write--I just do them pretty well.  I didn't have a grasp of grammar until college, and that was a rude awakening!
b.  I did better in math and science than English and history for most of school.  Choosing between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science was agonizing.  I chose a B.A. as the path of least resistance (my AP credits meant I didn't have to take any math or science in college), and I plunged head first into Humanities for undergrad and grad school.


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