Casting Director Tristan Frame

I understand this will only be amusing if you know the people listed.  But, if you do, I think you'll enjoy.

First, the back story.  Sunday morning was dress-up day at church.   Lily was Minnie Mouse.  Tristan was Darth Vader.

Sunday morning I said something I say every morning, "Tristan, brush your teeth."

But Sunday morning I heard, "I'm not Tristan, and you're not Mom, so I can't do that.   I'm Darth Vader, and you're Princess Leia."

Lily, "But I want to be the princess!"

Tristan, "Fine, Lily.  You can be the princess.  Mom, that makes you a storm trooper."

Me, "I don't think so.  Darth Vader and Princess Leia, Yoda says it's time to brush your teeth."

(I lost my position of Yoda when Aimee Krueger entered the scene later talking like Yoda--for real.  You gotta hear it.)

A couple hours later we were at church, and Tristan decided to cast those around him in Star Wars:

Daniel Brawley—Obi Wan
Lily—Princess Leia
Ryan King—Darth Maul
Sammy (Dad)—Emperor
Mandy James—Padme
Tristan C (aka Big Tristan)—Luke Skywalker
Daniel Hughes—Han Solo
David Brawley—C3PO
Courey McCoy—Chewbacca
Brian Hughes--Jabba the Hutt

Brian was not impressed with his role, saying, "Do I look like Jabba the Hut to you?!"

Tristan, "Yes."


  1. Fantastic! I love your little ones. Too cute!

  2. I love it how he cast Sammy as the emperor. "If you only knew the power of the Frame side"


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