The List Grows

I’ve missed writing.  I took a week’s vacation, worked hard this week, and I’ll be out of commission again next week.  So, I’m squeezing in a post before I go to my Internet-free home for a week.  I’m also successfully procrastinating doing some financial data entry that I’ve put off all week.  Maybe I’ll get to it at 4:50 p.m.
 I literally have a list of things I want to write about from spiritual experiences, to reflections on worship and prayer, to more word study poems I hope to write, to my thoughts on reading Hebrews, to Sabbath.  But, I don’t have time to go after any of those topics right now.
So, here are more additions to the list of things I’m thankful for.  This particular list is largely about my husband and our marriage.  Like many couples, we have differences that cause frustration, lack of understanding, and outright anger at times.  But, recently we got to spend some time together as his Christmas present.  I got us tickets to see Seinfeld do stand-up comedy at a theatre in town.  I also got us a 15th-floor, corner hotel room at a nice hotel downtown.  It was decorated for Christmas, and we had the best view of Richmond I’ve ever seen.  The hotel was literally right across the street from the restaurant where we ate the night he proposed.  After Seinfeld, we had to hang out there for a while.  Of course, our room had cable or satellite—either of which is a gift when you get three channels via antenna at home.  He got to see The Daily Show and Colbert Report, and he got to stay in bed until 9 a.m.  All of these count as mini Christmas presents.  The verdict—best Christmas present(s) he’s received from me ever AND best 20 hours of 2011.  Success!  During our time together, I was reminded of some of the things we share, and some of the reasons I’m thankful for him:
76.  for a husband who likes to travel to new places.
77.  for a husband who enjoys a night at a hotel.
78.  for a husband who has a great sense of direction.
79.  that even though I have no internal compass, I’ve picked up some navigation skills.  I successfully oriented three women around NYC for a couple of days.
80.  for a husband who likes to try new food—at restaurants and at home.
81.  for a husband who likes to get out of the house and do and see and have fun.
82.  that we still find things to talk about.
83.  that my husband is not the “strong, silent type;” he wouldn’t be my husband if he were.
84.  for his organizational skills, particularly in the realm of personal finance.  You should see the 3” binders with dividers and sheet protectors.
85.  that sometimes date nights can be extravagant, and sometimes some chips, salsa, and flan will do.
86.  that even though he’s been looking at me since first grade, he still says I’m beautiful.
87.  that I found another Powhatan person who enjoys a night, or week or two, in a big city as much as I do.  New York—check.  Paris—check.
88.  for a night to forget that we have a one-year-old and three-year-old at home.
89.  for a Nana that makes such forgetfulness possible; I really don’t give it a second thought.
90.  that I get to experience Christmas with a husband and son who both LOVE Christmas.
91.  that my daughter is literally learning new words every day.  Today:  zebra.
92.  for my mom’s homemade toffee:  To. Die. For.
93.  for an opportunity to see my sister dance like I always dreamed one of us would.
94.  that if I had to get my butt kicked in my first Words With Friends game, it was against my sister.  (Guess who’s winning match #2 so far?)
95.  that I got to meet a virtual friend, “Monroe Park,” and that he got to come to my church.
It’s 4:49, time to do that financial data entry. 
Merry Christmas!  Check out my Christmas morning devotional at on—you guessed it—Christmas morning.


  1. Shoulda read this one sooner. You'll beat me one day--soon.

    Wish you still danced with me


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