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What's your dream?

Yesterday, I continued our church's summer survey of Genesis with a message on Joseph--the coat, (two of) the dreams, the slavery.  (The video archive will be here tomorrow: PCC Video Archive/.)
I presented that God's dreams are dreams of justice and dreams that require suffering.
God’s dreams are dreams of justice-- dreams about the last being first, about a little brother becoming ruler. Dreams announcing a baby becoming King, about a carpenter becoming Lord. Dreams of a church where addicts and adulterers, innocent kids and incarcerated felons, students and seniors, connect with God and each other.
To conclude the message, I wrote some of my church's dreams (at least, my interpretation of my church's dreams--speaking on behalf of the entirety of PCC is a bit precarious):
We dream… of a church that kids drag their parents to, of a church where teenagers won’t be tolerated or entertained, but where they’ll serve and lead, not the church of the future, but the church HERE and NOW.