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There are websites devoted to the message, “You cannot be replaced.”
The theme of Suicide Prevention Week was, “You cannot be replaced.”
Of course there are also leadership gurus who say, “If you build up your teams and employees well, then you should be able to walk away at any time without the organization suffering.”  “Work yourself out of a job” is a popular phrase.
What’s with this idea of people being replaceable or not?
As I saw Facebook statuses and a blog addressing the “You cannot be replaced” idea for Suicide Prevention Week, I paused.  I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around what all the fuss was about.  So naturally, I over-thought it and then over-thought it some more.  Here’s where my over-thinking got me.
In Modernity, the world changed.  There were world wars with widespread carnage.  The Holocaust happened.  So did the atom bomb.  The Industrial Revolution also happened, and assembly lines abounded.
I know that Modernity changed literature (thanks to a wonderful college cours…