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Lest Confusion Reign

Today, as my husband and I are working side-by-side, we occasionally stop to share our work, our thoughts, and our questions with one another.I know we take this for granted.Yesterday we sat in a room for hours, listening to ourselves and some others do first run-throughs of summer sermons.Later in the day, as we continued to process what we’d written, what feedback we’d received, and what work to do next, I thought about how fortunate we are to share in this work. When we sought out ministry positions in the same church, we looked forward to days of ministering alongside one another.In many ways, that hasn’t worked out like we thought.My husband does not even go to church with the kids and me.He’s at a different campus several miles away.We don’t get to do church together, and we don’t get to see each other in action.It’s hard, but he loves the work he’s doing there, so I pray it’s worth the cost.It’s much easier now than it was a year ago, and in a couple of years, our son will be ab…

All I've Ever Wanted

I’ve been parked at Starbucks to work most of today.This is my favorite way to work—in a coffee shop with a White Chocolate Mocha, my laptop, my Bible, and a notebook nearby.Earlier a song was playing, and the line, “This is all I ever wanted from life,” played over and over in my head. That’s how I feel.At the old age of 30, I have all I’ve ever wanted from life.I’m married to the only man I’ve ever wanted to do life with.I have two beautiful, loving, smart kids.I have a rancher on a 2-acre lot, and we own two vehicles.Okay, I’m a cliché, but I couldn’t be happier to be one. This weekend I hated to be away from my family, but I got to retreat with some teenagers and other adults who love teenagers.Saturday afternoon I sat on a dock with two sophomore girls who are in my small group.Our toes were in a cool lake while the warm sun hit our faces.We talked about boys and shaving our legs.They talked about how rare it is for them to have a Saturday that’s free from school activities, babysi…