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To Be Favored Or Not

A verse from early in Romans has been ricocheting around my brain since I read it months ago.Last night I felt another ding in my head, as it bounced off my skull.I guess I should sit down and deal with it.

It’s a verse I’m supposed to like, but I don’t:“For God does not show favoritism.” Romans 2:11 Paul spends much of his preaching and teaching addressing issues between and regarding Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews).He also dwells upon right and wrong behaviors and lifestyles.I think when he writes to the people of Rome that “God does not show favoritism,” he’s reminding the Jews that they’re not being favored over the Gentiles anymore (see Romans 2:17-3:2).I think he’s also reminding people that it doesn’t matter what their name is, what their title is, what they own—God doesn’t care.God doesn’t show favoritism.He’s concerned about whether or not you’re judgmental or not, kind or not, tolerant or not, patient or not, repentant or not, doing good or not (see Romans 2:1-10). I feel like I’m…

Weekend of Princesses

In the early morning hours Friday, masses of Americans gathered in front of TV and computer screens to watch the royal wedding.I have an infant; I don’t get much sleep; I didn’t watch the wedding. This weekend, crowds gathered at the historical Landmark Theatre in Richmond to watch the Broadway show, “Beauty and the Beast,” based on the Disney animated film.I know every word to that film, so I was acutely aware of every added musical number and comical line in the show. This weekend, I also celebrated my 29th birthday, my 6th anniversary, and my 3rd Mother’s Day.For my birthday last year, my husband gave me a Red Door Spa gift certificate.For Christmas, he got us tickets to Beauty and the Beast.We postponed celebrating our March anniversary ‘til this weekend.Of course, Mother’s Day is coming in six days. So, as corny as it sounds, I got to be a princess of sorts this weekend.I spent over six hours in a luxurious spa on Friday.Then, my husband left money for me with the makeup artist at …