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An Intentional Saturday

This summer, parents like me were sharing all sorts of Pinterest pins about how to get our kids outside, active, reading, and responsible AND how to limit their screen time.  My husband took off with that idea and created “Dad Camp,” which was a wonderfully structured summer plan.  And then summer ended. School is back, so are karate, dance, basketball, and homework.  But here’s the thing.  My kids still need outside time, and we still need to limit their screen time.  Yesterday, we woke up slowly watching our favorite Saturday morning TV (Barefoot Contessa for me!).  After breakfast, COFFEE, and some down time, I came up with this plan:  The “L” jar for my daughter, the “T” for my son, and the third jar for me.  If I really believe, and I do, that it’s healthy to spend time reading, creating, outside, and being active, then I need to participate, too.  The idea was that each time we completed one of the tasks, we put that color marble in our jars.  There was the anticipated

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